Friday, March 30, 2007

We Got Engaged in New York City

On the afternoon of Sunday 18th March 2007, whilst sat next to the lake & Bow Bridge in a very snowy and romantic Central Park in Manhattan, I asked Rowena to marry me. She replied, without hesitation I might add, "Yes!"

Our holiday to New York was already absolutely fantastic and this was very much the icing on the cake. We are naturally both very happy and very much in love with each other.

In terms of the wedding itself, we have no immediate plans to marry but it will almost certainly be sometime within the next few years.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Christmas Tree

Bought late on Xmas Eve at the Open Market for £5. Lights were £2 from the dodgy Stationer's on London Road and the Baubles were £1 from Co-op.

The remaining bows and other decorations were made by Row.

The tree itself was a bit scraggy and lop-sided but it was our tree and we thought it looked rather good.

My Christmas Stocking

Beautifully hand-made by Row and stuffed full of goodies!

Christmas Lunch - Row's Plate

We'd been planning our Christmas Lunch for a while and this was the result. Mostly cooked by myself, it was really delicious and we were both well and truly stuffed by the time we'd finished.

The full line-up: Roasted Turkey, Roasted Potatoes, Pigs-in-Blankets, Two Types of Stuffing (Orange, Port and Cranberry & Sage and Onion), Cabbage, Carrots, Green Beans, Sprout & Leek mix, Cranberry Sauce, Bread Sauce and lots of gravy.

And, although no more tasty looking than Phil's, maybe just a little bit more healthy.

Christmas Lunch - Len's Plate

Equal distribution of Roasties, turkey, stuffing and pigs-in-blankets as Row's. Lighter on the excellent sprouty leek mix (thanks to Row's Mum for the recipe) but heavier on the cabbage, carrots and green beans. In fact, Row left the few green beans that she did have on her plate to make way for her remaining Roasties.

Row and her new GHDs

I bought Row some GHDs for Christmas. She jumped and skipped around like a proper girl when she unwrapped them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Our Weekend in London

It was a few weeks ago now that Row and I decided to spend a weekend in London to celebrate our one year anniversary (albeit six weeks early.)

We travelled to London early on the Saturday morning and immediately went to the London Eye. It was a beautiful and clear morning and the views really were spectacular. We were very pleased to share our capsule with Mr Vic Reeves (amongst others).

Afterwards, we strolled along the South Bank as far as Tower Bridge and then south along Tower Bridge Road to Bermondsey for Pie and Mash at Manze's. The food was good, hearty and cheap and we walked back towards Tower Bridge feeling nicely full. We were so full that even the many delicious delicacies on offer at Borough Market failed to tempt us.

St. Stephen's Tower, London

Row @ London Eye

Len @ London Eye

London Eye

London Assembly Building, South Bank

Pie and Mash at M.Manze, Tower Bridge Road

Is it "Segueway" or "Segway"? No, it's "Neither".

After our lunch and brief visit to Borough Market, we made our way to Bayswater where we checked into our lovely hotel. In the evening we intended to go to the Tate Modern, but could not cross the Millenium Bridge from St Pauls because of the stoopid fireworks so we decided to get some food instead. But only after a lively discussion as to whether "segway" or "segueway" is a real word. Row said "yes" it was a real word whilst I said "no". Fortunately for me, the OED also say "no" so that would appear to be an end to the matter. ;-)

And so, hungry after our exhanges, we headed to Chinatown for "nosh" and after staring at many menus in many windows we settled on Furama, Macclesfield Street. And we were not dissappointed. After a huge set menu for two (including a lovely Roast Duck maniacally shredded by our waiter) washed down by lots of Tsing Tao, we headed back to the hotel.

Len in Hyde Park

Birds in Hyde Park

Row in Hyde Park

Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Row's Birthday - Berlin

Row @ Reichstag

Len @ Brandenberg Gate

Brandenberg Gate

Street 'Performer' - Brandenberg Gate

Row @ Brandenberg Gate

Row @ BebelPlatz

World Clock, AlexanderPlatz

Karl Marx Allee, Berlin

East German-era Housing, Karl Marx Allee, Berlin

Fernsehturm, East Berlin

Rost Bratwurst

Rote Rathaus, Berlin

Marx & Engels

Berlin Weisse Bier mit Schuss (Grun)

Berlin Weisse Bier mit Schuss (Rot)

Fountain, East Berlin

HamburgerBahnhof - Nice Building, Shame About The Art

Checkpoint Charlie - Looking from old American to Russian Sector

Len @ Berlin Wall

Cold and wet, a feeling very much reflected in my face.

Row @ Berlin Wall

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Sony Centre, Berlin - A Faceless Monument to Capitalism

Jewish Museum

Inside the Jewish Museum

Row @ The Reichstag by Night

The Reichstag By Night

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Zweibelfisch Bar, SavignyPlatz

Last Morning in Berlin

Row @ East Side Gallery, Berlin