Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rosie RIP

Its my sad duty to report the recent death of Rosie, my mum's last remaining Jack Russell Terrier, aged 13 years. She was a real battler and enjoyed her life despite ill health. She had the bone in her right rear hip removed in her early years and one of her eyes removed in later life after it became infected.

At the time of her death, she was almost blind in her remaining eye but was still very happy and able to enjoy chasing a ball by using her hearing to locate it as it landed. Sadly, she had a tumble down the steps into Mum's garden a few weeks ago and received a muscle injury to her front shoulder which the Vet said was unlikely to improve with time. It was only then that she began to go downhill fast as she found it very painful to move about at all, and in truth, was not the happy-go-lucky and hardy little Jack Russell that she always was.

She really was a lovely dog and she enjoyed nothing more that playing tug-of-war with an old sock, the frantic excitement generated by a new squeaky toy and her regular evening biscuits. She hated houseflys, hunting them eagerly and also my mother's clothes horse, which fell on her once unexpectedly, which she would never forget.

We loved her dearly and she will be missed by us all.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Lydd, Dungeness, Rye, Winchelsea and finally, Kingston

As our Ford Ka was on hire for the whole weekend we decided to make the most of it by taking a trip down the coast on the Sunday.

We got up fairly early (for us) and drove to Asda to buy some picnic food and then made our way east towards the Kent coast. Our first stop was at Lydd where we sat on a very windswept beach to eat our picnic and watch the many para-surfers taking advantage of the favourable weather conditions.

We then drove the mile or so back along the coast to Dungeness where we enjoyed a glimpse of Derek Jarman's delightful former cottage and garden, some Ice Cream and another sit on the (still windswept) beach. Dungeness is fantastic and well worth a visit, particularly if you are trying to escape the crowds at other more traditional south coast resorts. It truly does offer something different and one shouldn't be put off by the prospect of sitting on a beach with only two nuclear power stations next to you for company.

Row then suggested that we stop of at Camber Sands so that we could fly my kite. We did indeed stop at Camber but we didn't stay for long as to be frank, it was a dog-hole (not withstanding what probably was a rather nice beach). The presence of a rather dilapidated-looking Pontins Holiday Camp and some of its dodgy looking punters lacked appeal, as did its £2 per hour parking charge. An early example of what Row says would make a great inscription on my headstone:

'He came, He Saw that They Charged Two Quid and He Fucked Off'.

This actually proved to be a blessing in disguise as instead we decided to check out Winchelsea Beach. A lovely, quiet stretch of shingle, Winchelsea Beach proved to be a fantastic contrast to Camber just to the East. It was almost deserted and we enjoyed the warm sunshine and still strong sea breeze - perfect for kite-flying and perfect for Row & I.

Next we stopped off at Rye, a rather quaint old Sussex town with cobbled streets and a little waterside area. Row was convinced that there was an interesting town clock
somewhere around the town although I'll be buggered if we could find it? But it was another nice place to stop and it really fitted in nicely with our day.

It was getting a little late by this point so we started to head homewards. But we'd had such a nice day that Row suggested we extend it just a little longer by stopping off at The Juggs pub at Kingston near Lewes for a beer. So we did and it was lovely.

We had so enjoyed the whole weekend and the freedom of having a car so much. As it transpired, we enjoyed it so much that we'd we would do it all again the very next weekend.

Well, why not?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Para-Surfing at Lydd

Lenny surfs ...

Derek Jarman's Cottage @ Dungeness

Derek Jarman's Cottage @ Dungeness

Derek Jarman's Garden @ Dungeness


Nuclear Power Stations @ Dungeness

'What do they use Nuclear Power for?' asked Rowena quizzically.

Row @ Dungeness

Dungeness Beach


Winchelsea Beach


Winchelsea Beach

Taken by Row.

Winchelsea Beach

Taken by Len.

Row and Lenny @ WInchelsea

Row on the beach at Winchelsea