Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cambridge Weekend

Row and I had the most fantastic time in Cambridge on the weekend.

We went up on Friday morning in our lovely hire car to attend the wedding of Claire, Row's old friend from college. The wedding was in the village of Burwell (near Huntingdon, apparently) that afternoon and the reception afterwards was in a beautiful barn at Great Wilbraham Farm. It was a fantastic day all round and we pretty much managed to avoid the rain showers that arrived periodically throughout the day.

Row particularly enjoyed the free champagne on offer and ended up on the dance floor doing an odd kind of goose-step dance. She then had to go outside and sit in the car for half an hour to regain her composure (i.e. try not to be sick). But it was a lovely wedding and reception and we were both very happy for Claire and her new husband, Damian.

The next day, after an entirely adequate breakfast at the not-very-exciting Cambridge Central Travelodge, we headed off to spend the day in Cambridge itself. We had a fabulous time wandering around the colleges and watching the punts on the river, particularly the hilarious Japanese lady that caused mayhem at the Bridge of Sighs for about 20 minutes. How she managed to avoid falling in the river we shall never know. She punted in circles, into walls amd into other punts, all of which made for super viewing and even better videos.

We did however really resent paying the charges levied to visit the individual colleges - £7 to walk around King's College is more than a little steep we thought. We saved ourselves a few quid by going round the back of the colleges and entering through the back gates. Often these gates were locked shut but the one at St John's College certainly wasn't, so we snuck in.

Overall, we really enjoyed our trip to Cambridge but I found that, rather unsuprisingly, the city was overpopulated with posh, chinless cunts. They seem to live in another world in so many ways and I think that I had my old Class War sensibilities tweaked more than a little.

Regardless of the spin that emanates from them, Cambridge University and its divers colleges remain regressive in that they continue to construct, maintain and reinforce class, socio-economic and 'race' inequalities.

And, clearly, that is not a good thing.

Our lovely Ka

As supplied by the good people at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Row Prepares for the Wedding

My oh my, isn't she just stunning?

The Man in the White Suit

Leonard @ Claire's Wedding Reception.

Who says that you can't shop at Primark AND look stylish? Pah!

Posh Punts

Shoddy Punting

Sneaking In Round The Back of St John's College

Cambridge Bicycles

Big Wood Cambridge Door


Kings or Trinity College, Cambridge

I forget which ... the campus at Sussex is nicer I think.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mick Miller

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Beachy Head Lighthouse

As the sun had now come out we decided to walk on to Beachy Head. It truly was a wonderful walk and the views were stunning.
Beachy Head Lighthouse replaced Belle Tout as the operational lighthouse for this area some years ago. This was beacause it was found that Belle Tout was virtually invisible in fog, which made it a pretty crap lighthouse really.
And, fairly obviously, Beachy Head lighthouse isn't a private residence.

Belle Tout Lighthouse - Birling Gap

Bank Holiday - Belle Tout Lighthouse

After walking to Birling Gap we decided to carry on as far as Belle Tout Lighthouse. Its the only former Lighthouse in the UK that is now a private residence.

Bank Holiday - Birling Gap

Bank Holiday - Birling Gap


Bank Holiday - Looking Towards Seven Sisters

Bank Holiday - Graffiti Sheep

Sheep With Mick Miller-style Haircut

East Dean - Row

East Dean Scarecrow

The Church at East Dean

Bank Holiday - Heading to Birling Gap

Bank Holiday - East Dean - Beachy Head

Our decision to avoid having hangover from the previous night paid off with another brilliant walk on Monday. We got the bus to East Dean and planned to walk to Birling Gap after lunch at The Tiger pub (above).

We had rather hoped to sit outside the pub to enjoy our delicious Ploughman's but the rain intevened soon after we sat down to eat and so we were forced to seek shelter inside the now very busy pub to eat.

Row was very assertive and managed to blag us some much sought-after seats on a table with some nice but rather posh people where I enjoyed an uncomfortable half hour whilst we ate and they wittered on about yachts and holidays in the Carribean. The man had a shocking mullet too and looked more than a little like former Everton boss Mike Walker.

Soon the rain relented and we were able to begin our walk to Birling Gap in bright sunshine.

End of Festival Party

Leonard and Gorney

End of Festival Party

Lenny & Jean

End of Festival Party

Leonard & Zoe

End of Festival Party

Row & Leonard