Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dirty Wonderland @ Grand Ocean Hotel, Saltdean

Having been thoroughly disappointed with the Festival performances I'd seen so far, I am pleased to report that my visit to Dirty Wonderland last Tuesday was fantastic.
Put simply, it was one the best things I've ever seen, and that includes films, gigs, comedy and football matches. I can't adequately put into words how good it was and it was a real honour to be one of the 900 or so lucky souls to witness this masterpiece of physical theatre.
In the course of my work during the festival I got to chatting with one of the main actors, Ian Golding, seen above, and he was a thoroughly nice bloke as well as being a first-rate performer.
For more detailed and better quality photos of Dirty Wonderland (& other festival events) go to

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Brighton Marina @ Dusk

There are lots of boats and stuff there.

Cuckmere Haven - Badly Dressed Man

And family.

No wonder the kid was reluctant to walk with them.

Cuckmere Haven - Looking to Sister One

Seaford Head - Looking to the Seven Sisters

Seaford Head - Public Information

Seaford Head

We also recently went on a fab walk at Seaford Head.

We got the bus to Seaford, walked over Seaford Head to Cuckmere Haven and then up alongside the River Ouse to the Golden Galleon pub at Exceat.

After a nice pint we got the bus back to Brighton.

A beautiful day all round.

Mum's Birthday - Lenny Casts The First Stone

Mum's Birthday - Arty Beach Hut Shot

Taken by Row.

My Mum's Birthday

On my mum's birthday I took her and my dad out to Harry's for breakfast. Row came too and it was the first time that she had met my folks. Afterwards we went for a walk on the seafront at Hove.

We walked as far as Shoreham harbour and even caught a glimpse of Zoe Ball on her balcony. My Dad said that Zoe had waved at him and beckoned him to climb over the fence into her place but I think he was lying.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The End of Wisdom?

After an anxious two month wait, my toublesome wisdom tooth has finally been removed by super surgeon Vish.

I actually remember so little about the event due to the sedation but am reliably informed by Row that I was hilarious when I came round from the drugs that I was given. Row also says that it was a fabulous insight into what I'll be like as a old man and/or stroke victim. Row was very sweet throughout and I was am eternally grateful to her for going with me to the Dentist's and also for getting me home safely (via the world's shortest ever taxi journey).

In terms of the procedure itself, I was actually expecting to be in abject agony for days on end afterwards, with lots of blood, swelling and liquidised foods. As it transpired, my fears were unfounded. Vish's claim that the operation was 'a piece of piss. The rest of the week I take bullets out of people's heads' seemed totally justified as post-op I had no stitches, no bleeding and absolutely no pain. The packet of Paracetamol I was given to use should I feel any pain remains unopened on my bedside table.

Naturally, although I didn't feel too bad, I still felt obliged to take Vish's advice not to do any work for seven days. Obviously, I lost earnings as a result but it was a fantastic break and the perfect way to prepare for the oncoming manic work period.

Sadly, I now have an ear infection and am deaf in both ears. As such, Row is getting an insight as to what I'll be like as a deaf old man.

Man, I'm falling apart...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Haven't posted for sooooooooo long.

And so much has happened!

My troublesome wisdom tooth is out!

Row & I have both done the Meet The Parents thing!

We've been on some some lovely countryside walks!

Toogy's fallen in love!

And so much more!